1:16 Fiddlehead – Decking

a slightly different shapeThere are six parts to the deck. Along each side is a covering board, long and constant width, following the line of the sheer. On the ends, slightly overlapping the covering boards are deck pieces, 2 at each end. Everything meets neatly in the middle.

Here is where we depart from the drawings. Somewhere “back when” I created a curve for the sheer clamp that differs from the drawings enough to make the pattern for the covering boards a misfit.

new plans for covering boardsResolve this by laying a piece of paper over the boat and making a tracing by lightly using the side of a pencil’s lead. (The same as tracing grave stones.)

oooopsMeasure once cut twice. After all the careful pattern making, I made at least one board too short. The penalty, go back to milling.



very easy to snag and breakI’ve mentioned a couple of times that this stuff is really thin, especially when we get to these boards which are 3/16 in thick (1:1). Merrily sanding along with a sanding stick, it’s all to easy to catch the end of the piece. If you’re lucky it gives you a good scare by how it bows and quickly snaps back. If not lucky, … it’s back to the mill.

covering boards completeEventually, the covering boards get completed.

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