1:16 Fiddlehead – Complete

completed modelThe oars were the last Fiddlehead components to complete. I used pattern Harry included in his drawings. They are shown here feathered with right hand control. The ferrule is simulated with brass tubing of telescoping sizes, allowing the oars to be disassembled as intended. Yes, they are a bit long, but we won’t tell anyone.

Most display stands for models are very formal affairs. At the Naval Museum in Venice, I saw many small boats displayed on horses. Much less formal, and appropriate I think for this kind of boat.

The seat back rotates in its blocks. The footrest can be adjusted; bring tweezers. The watertight hatches can be removed and replaced. I’ll probably get dunned for not flemishing the painter.

Many modelers keep very accurate counts of time and materials. I don’t. Tracking time is too much like the working days when I had to document every sliver of time spent on the job. This is enjoyment. The doing is what counts for me, not how long it took to get done.

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