Raising Hammer Dings

ironingThere are lots of ways of raising the depressions made by hammering. John Gardner says “rub them with a wet stick.” Harry Bryan says “pour boiling water…” I had enough of pouring boiling water back when I steam bent the garboards. Besides, the shop floor is still clean enough to not need washing again. A wet towel and a hot steam iron does the job nicely.

The real message of this post, for the observant among you, is that all planks are now on.

(And for the keenly observant, there’s a story about why this plank doesn’t match the bevel perfectly. The short version: This is what happens when the idiot boatbuilder cuts a gains rabbet on the wrong side of a plank and “fixes” it by putting that wrongly cut plank on the other / unintended side of the boat. The slight difference in plank spiling from one side to the other results in the bevel mismatch. He was then very careful with the only plank left, cutting its rabbets on the tripple checked correct side.)

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