A New Marking Knife

knifeA beautiful new Pattern Pilot marking knife from Bob Zajicek at Czeck Edge Hand Tool is now hard at work in my shop. (Click image for a larger view.)

Making my own tools is something I enjoy, especially of I can make ones that function well and also look great. I’ve had drawings for marking knives waiting in the “to do” queue for quite some time and have been content to simply use pencils for the time being.

That changed last week when Al Navas ran a contest on his “Sandal Woods” blog. Al often has drawings for tools provided by his sponsors. I was very fortunate to win the marking knife as one of his Safety Week drawings. THANKS Al!

The knife is superb. It’s edge is keen and it feels great in the hand. Not only does it work very well, it is drop-dead beautiful. Maybe because I’m partial to blonds, I find the olive wood simply gorgeous. There aren’t any dovetails in the small boats I’m building, nor are there many straight lines. Yet, there are lots of ways to use this knife.

Not only is Bob Zajicek a very fine tool smith, he’s also a fortune teller. Along with the knife he sends not one, not two, but three plastic point guards. They are easily misplaced among the clutter of a busy project and the spares are appreciated.

Now, I can make marks that are 6 times more accurate than I can saw. A delightful tool. Very highly recommended! THANKS Bob!

One Response to “A New Marking Knife”

  1. Al Navas Says:

    THAT is a beautiful marking knife, Bob – congratulations! It is wonderful to see someone win something so useful, and better yet to know it *will* be put to good use.