One More Thing…

Dating myself: Quite an interesting group of “Borscht Belt” comedians rose up in the middle of the last century. One of them, Sam Levenson, based his comedy on the day-to-day experiences of growing up poor in Brooklyn. His book, “Everything But Money” tells these many of stories in a humorous and comforting style. My favorite routine of his is “One More Thing,” which tells of little Sam getting ready to go out and play. Every time he reaches the door, Mama says, “One more thing…” and launches into long advice about one of life’s hazards. I can’t remember whether young Sam ever made it outside to play.

cane seatOne more thing for the boat: Harry Bryan, the boat’s designer, suggested sitting on the bottom and advised using a cushion for a seat. That advice sounds practical, but I became interested in using a cane seat as is traditional for canoes. So, that became one more thing to do … before we go out to play.

cane seat installedMaybe I’ll learn to cane a seat some day, but for now, I’m happy to buy one ready made. The seat I selected is from Ed’s Canoe. It is a beautifully contoured seat made with an ash frame. The geometry of this boat isn’t suited for the usual mounting, which hangs the seat from the gunwales. Instead, I mounted the seat on¬† rails that I epoxied to the bottom of the boat.

The combination of the seat, the backrest, and the adjustable footrest makes for a very comfortable posittion.

2 Responses to “One More Thing…”

  1. PeteW Says:

    Thing of beauty, Bob. Seems a shame to throw it in the water but I’m hoping that’s exactly what you’re going to do. Would love to know what she weighs and handling characteristics.

    I hope you’re proud!

  2. Chris Says:

    Thanks for all the fantastic info. I’m new to woodworking, but keen to make my own tools and understand how they work. Your site is a wealth of information. Thank you again and keep it coming.