It Isn’t Easy Bein’ Green

Well, actually it is. Here is a fabulous rendition of Kermit’s theme song. Go listen to it; I’ll be here when you get back.

bein greenI have often read that you can’t paint a lapstrake boat with a roller. So, I plundered through two coats of primer and the first coat of Kirby’s Bottle Green with a really good brush. A little bit of added Penetrol made brushing easy, but my technique still creates lap marks. Then, I remembered the 4 inch rollers from another project. They work. Yes, you can paint a lapstrake boat with a roller. Just get the right size. Paint the lap edges with a brush and them roll on the rest. Kirby’s paint is fantastic. All the tiny bubbles from rolling gradually disappear with no need for tipping.

Launch day is coming soon. …

3 Responses to “It Isn’t Easy Bein’ Green”

  1. Boy Says:

    How about a picture of the entire boat and not just the top OR bottom? There’s a 5-year old at our place who keeps asking to see the boat.

  2. Bob Says:

    This last coat of paint needs to dry before I turn it over again (and fix some scratches on the deck, grrrrr). Check back late Sunday.

    Until then, maybe that youngster will appreciate this picture of the model.

  3. Rick Lapp Says:

    I am about to repaint my Tom Hill ‘Charlotte Canoe’ with some paint left from another project….Kirby’s Bottle Green! Now I know how she’ll look