Eva Too is Launched

Compared to the launch of Eva Won, this one was dull and boring.

photo of Bob in the boat on the waterThe wind was up pretty strong on the lake today, so it wasn’t the right day for a long ride … and it was cool enough for long sleeves too. The boat moves along quite nicely. I even made good speed heading directly into the wind. I don’t know whether that’s because of the boat, the new double paddle, or me the novice rower. I suspect it’s a little of all. The boat handles well and tracks straight. I even slid up to the dock like an old hand. No crashes, no unintended bumps, no unexpected swimming. A very pleasant launch.

13 Responses to “Eva Too is Launched”

  1. Adrian Baird Ba Than Says:

    Very pretty craft Bob,a suitable partner to Eva Won!

  2. Jeremy Kriewaldt (jmk89) Says:

    Very sweet-looking boat. I look forward to a picture of the Fleet!

  3. Larry Marshall Says:

    What a gorgeous boat, Bob. Thanks for sharing its construction with us.

    Cheers — Larry

  4. Bob Rozaieski Says:

    Very nicely done! She’s a beauty!

  5. Al Navas Says:


    It is wonderful to see Eva Too in the water! Congratulations!!! Does this mean we are likely to see two in the water from now on? :)


  6. tom fidgen Says:

    hey bob-
    congrats on getting Eva Too in the water-
    just in time for a summer full of fun!

    all the best-


  7. Pedder Says:

    Hi Bob,

    wonderful to see the boat finished. It has a very classic touch like the old cruise ships. And you’re so fast incredible.

    Cheers Pedder

  8. Bob Says:

    Thanks for all the comments folks. Much appreciated, just as I appreciate the fine things each of you create.

    Al, while we have 2 boats and they’ll be in the water together often, there will likely not be pictures. Only 2 of us, no other photographer.

  9. Ron Paro Says:

    Bob, congratulations on finishing your second boat build, and a successful launch. Did Eva Too feel stable enough for you to consider adding the sailing components? I always thought that looked like a nice way of combinig my passions for sailing and kayaking (double-paddle decked canoeing?). I may have to go ahead and build one.
    – Ron

  10. Bob Says:

    Hi Ron,
    My first ride in Eva Too wasn’t long enough to seriously explore secondary stability. So, I don’t know about sailing. It might be perfectly good for modest sail, but I don’t know. While the boat is a foot (LOA) longer than Eva Won, the cockpit is much smaller. There’s not a lot of room for moving around in it, and I definitely can’t imagine hiking. Surely not as easily as in your Jimmy skiff.

    All told, it’s an easy build. Even if you don’t sail it, you’ll have a very nice boat.

    Let us know if you start up another build blog.

  11. Heidi Says:

    Looks great! I’d fly home if I could, just to get a picture of the two of you in your boats. Didn’t hear the word tippy this time!

  12. Mitchell Says:

    Having followed the build process and noted the trueness of the hull and deck throughout, I knew that would be one beautiful little boat when it hit the water. Little did I know you were going to enhance it all with some amazing graphics. Row with pride, Bob, ya done good!

  13. Bob Says:

    Thanks Mitchell!
    Good luck on building the tool cabinet that will hide your tool fetish. :)