Carving on a Turned Object #2 – WIP

Work in Progress. Just one photo for now.

photo of a small rosette carving

2 Responses to “Carving on a Turned Object #2 – WIP”

  1. John Almberg Says:

    Having just spent a few hours carving my name and mooring number in a cedar 4×4, and being exceptionally pleased with the (rather crude) results, I’m now competent to feel jealous of your technique, your patience, and your tools 😉

  2. Bob Says:

    THANKS John,
    I saw your “winter stick” entry a few days ago and really like the results of your letter carving. Looks good! Having done a bit of letter carving last year, I appreciated what you accomplished as your first go at it. I like the stenciled look.

    My advantage is that I have a bit more time available than you do.

    Keep havin’ fun with Blue Moon. Thanks for stopping by.