Catch Up – December 2013 Completions

The months leading to Christmas have extra security around the shop. Guards are posted to prevent word getting out about possible gifts being created within. Blogging is ignored. All of the gifts made it out in plenty of time, but the blog didn’t write itself, and the wimpy guards wouldn’t write anything, heading for warmer regions the moment this winter’s cold arrived.

I did take a few photos, but am not excited with them. Dark Walnut needs a lot of light to photograph well. I don’t know whether these photos suffer from my capability, getting used to a new camera, or the dearth of real light bulbs.

One might surmise from what I show here that there are four grandchildren, each having 3 parts to their names, one family liking lighter color wood and another liking darker wood. Correct. Each of the grandchildren now have a pencil box, either of Cherry or Walnut, and each supplied with “The World’s Best Pencils” and a sharpener. Each of those boxes uses standard pencil box construction, simple dovetails, sliding lid, solid base.

photo of a pencil box made of cherry with the initials E J E carved in the lid photo of a pencil box made of cherry with the initials M A P carved in the lid photo of a pencil box made of cherry with the initials H E P carved in the lid photo of a pencil box made of cherry with the initials G N P carved in the lid

photo of a walnut walking staffA young woman in our family puts up with a very strange nervous system malady and sometimes appreciates assistance when walking. I thought she needed something better than the mass-produced piece of aluminum tubing she has been using. The walking staff is dual purpose, long for use as a staff, and with a handle for use as a cane. The twisty part is a double helix, similar to one of the symbols of her profession.

photo of a walnut box with an oval rose carved in the lidThe oval rose is one of my favorite classical carvings. I’ve made several of these carvings. The box with the oval rose is about 9″ by 6″ by 2 3/4″ high. The lid is a flip up lid which will stand open at just a bit beyond 90 degrees. No pencils in that box. It traveled with a load of cookies.

Finish on all of the boxes is shellac and wax. All of the Walnut items have additional dark stain, Min-Wax Jacobean. The walking staff has  a polyurethane finish, better for exterior use.

oval-rose-patternUPDATE: In response to Shannon’s comment, I’ve attached the pattern for the oval rose, both as an image and as a PDF.  The pattern is free. The carving sequence is an exercise for the carver.  :)

… and for hints on how to transfer complicated patterns, see the “Ponce on That” section of a recent post.

3 Responses to “Catch Up – December 2013 Completions”

  1. Shannon Rogers Says:

    Nice work Bob. I love that rose carving and have to give that a try. It doesn’t look too complicated and well within my budding carving skills. Your letter carving is super crisp, I’m impressed.

    I did some art projects myself this year by carving a triptych of leaves and framing them in a shadow box. (got the idea from Chris Pye’s site) I like these simpler carving projects then seem to suit my personal style tastes.

  2. Bob Says:

    Thanks Shannon!
    I’ll add my pattern for the oval rose to this post shortly. At it’s native resolution it should print a 3.5 x 5 inch image that you can take to the wood. The pattern is free. The carving sequence is a trade secret. :)

    The letter carving is via Chris Pye’s teachings which use a very precise technique. A book of his that’s expensive and hard to get, combined with “eleben bizillion” hours of practice, and you too can carve super crisp letters.

    I agree about Chris’s leaf projects. They are quicker than the classic patterns and a lot of fun.

    Enjoy carving!

  3. Nate Says:

    Thanks for the pattern, I’d like to try my hand at carving. It’s not something I’ve tried yet.