4 Responses to “Aerobic”

  1. Luke Townsley Says:

    Yes, you have been hard at work, but look, you still have a lot left!

    I am wanting to make a pair of sawhorses like those. Do you have any suggestions or comments regarding using them for handsawing?

  2. Dan Says:

    Awesome! I love that you are doing that by hand! Is that a rip saw? If not, you should title this “Mega-Aerobic!”

    I am looking forward to watching your progress on the fiddlehead – I’ve liked the looks of those since seeing them in Wooden Boat. Quite jealous actually…

  3. admin Says:

    Sawing to both lines (16 feet each) took just less than a leisurely hour. The sawbenches do just what they need to do, support work at a convenient height. I built them to plans by Chris Schwarz as you can read in an earlier post. I think the most important thing about them is building them to a height that just reaches the bottom of your kneecap. That makes them perfect for kneeling on the workpiece to hold it down.

    I use them pretty much as CS described in the entry referenced in that earlier post. Rough cross cutting, fine cross cutting, and most all ripping is done with the benches. For fine work, such as joinery, I bring the workpiece up to a normal workbench and work more carefully.

    Dan has a good post about sawbenches too.

    Naw, it’s just a cheap utility saw found at “the borg.” A good rip saw is on my wish list. Of course, I could just plug in the band saw seen at the far end of the board. :)

  4. Dan Says:

    Bob – I think you would really enjoy a rip saw for that kind of work. It would be a lot faster as well. They come up on eBay all the time, of course it is eBay and you can never be sure… Rip saws are pretty easy to sharpen and it would not be hard to convert an old crosscut to a rip configuration. There are tons of resources on the web, as well as books. Let me know if you want any recommnedations.

    I was going to say “Noooooo!” to your bandsaw comment, but I see in a newer post that you already went over to the dark side :) Too late! Oh well, they are the “Neander-buddy” of electron munchers, and I still have mine hibernating in a corner…

    Take care – Dan