Setup Complete

The outside temps are up for a couple of days, making it easier to get the shop to 60 degrees. The bottom is now glued and screwed in place.

4 Responses to “Setup Complete”

  1. Patrick Dengate Says:

    Hi Bob, I’m glad to find your Fiddlehead blog today. I want to build a Fiddlehead canoe for my wife this coming Spring/Summer. Right now I’m trying to decide on the 10’6″ version or the 12′. She could fit fine in either, but it seems the 12′ would track better through the water than the shorter length. But I like the lower weight of the 10’6″ canoe. Why did you choose the 12′ ? Thanks, Patrick

  2. Bob Says:

    Patrick, I went with the 12′ for load carrying capacity. In reality, I think either would be fine for the intended users. Anytime I start to complain about the extra weight, I’ll have to remind myself of how much better a longer boat carries momentum. :)

    re: your artwork – There’s a lot of light in your style. I like it.

  3. Dan Says:

    Exciting progress Bob! I can’t wait to see more – is the planking ready? Did you come up with a workable setup for resawing long stock? If you did, I’d love to see pictures! I still haven’t tried out my version yet…

  4. Bob Says:

    No solution yet Dan. I have a few sticks of oak sitting on a shelf that will become a frame. They’re waiting for some blades to arrive so I build the frame the correct size. After that I’ll mess with adding holding fixtures to the saw benches I built earlier … so I can saw while “setting” as one ole galoot describes it.

    In the meantime, I picked up a 5 ppi Disston D8 rip saw from fleabay. It has a medallion dating it to between 1896 and 1917, and wonder of wonders is actually quite sharp. I thought of cutting it down for the frame saw, but it’s too nice a “user.”

    Sharp work on your coffee caddy. Real neat DTs and I like the Greene and Greene tenons.