Shelf Brackets – WIP 4

photo of acanthus leaf woodcarving

(click image to view larger version)


2 Responses to “Shelf Brackets – WIP 4”

  1. Jim Marsh Says:

    Beautiful. You need to do ends for stair riser’s next.

    It takes lots of practice to do this and it certainly shows.


  2. Bob Says:

    Thanks Jim.

    Ends for stair risers – Yes, there’s a direct correlation in form. That might be an interesting project, especially since we have only half a flight of exposed ends. :)

    But then, the new ends would make the treads look poor. The new treads would make the railings look poor. The new railings would make the baseboards look poor. The new baseboards would cry out the need for matching cove moldings … and chair rails … and refreshed wall surfaces … and … See what you got me into!