Grrrrrrrr – 93 degree corners

What comes after a Good Day in the Shop?

One of the very few “modern” tools I have in my shop is a not-often-used Jorgensen “Precision” Miter saw. Bought decades ago, it did an almost acceptable job of cutting baseboards. Have you ever found a square corner in a house? Making adjustments after a cut is an expected part of the work.

Fast forward to today. I’m cutting molding to wrap around the edges of a board that I have very carefully squared. Using the miter box’s built-in detents, my results are something like a 93 degree corner. Grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr!

photo of a metal miter box and saw photo of moldings that don't make a square corner

3 Responses to “Grrrrrrrr – 93 degree corners”

  1. SteveL Says:

    Hi Bob…

    Funny you should bring this up. I also have a “decades old” Jorgenson miter saw just like yours and I also bought mine for baseboards, shoe moulding, etc. I’ve had to resort to shims or a chuting board to achive accurate cuts. Evidently this must be a feature of the Jorgenson of this era.

    I had to buy a Stanley 50-years its senior to get accurate cuts.


  2. Bob Says:

    Thanks for stopping by Steve.
    As you’ll see in the next post, I resorted to a shooting board.

    I haven’t decided yet whether the Jorgensen’s next stop is a landfill or eBay. Pretty much the same.

  3. Sean Says:

    Hey guys, mine is out of square too. First on a chicken coop I thought I was the problem, but doing baseboard work yesterday provided the same out of square results; Irritating to say the least. On to craigslist to find a miter saw.