Treadle Lathe – Mount the Wheel

photo of flange, axle and wheelOne of the hard parts of preparing the flywheel was done a long time ago, before cutting it round. The wheel rotates on a 1/2 inch axle. I drilled the center hole and then used that hole as the pivot point for cutting the perimeter on the band saw. Nice! Guaranteed center for the axle.

Here, we see the axle mounted. I used the ever popular plumbing flange on both sides of the wheel. The purpose of this flange is to connect the wheel mass to the axle. That is done with a simple 9/64″ hole drilled through the axle and a common “8 penny” nail through a pair of holes already in the flange. Simple. Snug. Done! (Oh well, almost. The axle will be cut to length later.)

Yes, there’s a matching flange on the other side of the wheel. No pin through it; all we need is one. The real purpose of that flange is to provide a bearing surface for the washers that will keep the wheel centered between the uprights. You’ll see those later.

3 Responses to “Treadle Lathe – Mount the Wheel”

  1. Rick Says:

    Bob, is that a bearing outboard of the flange? Will that be buried in the frame? Rick

  2. bob Says:

    Yes, Rick. There’s a bearing outboard of each flange. They will be set in bearing blocks that are set into the uprights. Coming soon…

  3. Eva Says:

    Hey, your blog says my comment is too short, so I’m writing a longer one to say hi.