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Sunday Morning Surprise

Tuesday, May 18th, 2010

What a treat!!! Thank You Bill!

photo of Pitts S2C from frontphoto of Pitts S2C from aftLittle did I expect such a treat when I visited my son and his family this past weekend. A friend of my daughter-in-law offered us rides in his airplane. Bill began flying at age 14 and has now had a full career with a major airline. He is at the top of their ratings, and currently captains their largest aircraft. He’s the kind of guy you want flying the plane you’re just about to board, a pilot who exudes confidence … not cocky arrogance, but calm and surefooted experience.

Bill is a pilot’s pilot, one who loves flying and lives to fly. As far as I could learn, he’s in the air almost everyday, some in the Heavies, some in this very tiny plane. Bill owns and flies one of the smallest aerobatic planes in the world, the absolutely fabulous Pitts Special S2C. He beams with pride when around this plane, smiles from ear to ear, and rightfully so. His joy at flying it is glowing and he very generously shares that joy with many. People who ride with Bill come back to earth with that same ear to ear smile, and keep on flyin’ high for a very long time.

We flew far enough away from our field to be outside the pattern of nearby international traffic. Then, Bill introduced me to the fabulous sensation of aerobatics with aileron rolls, a loop, a Hammerhead maneuver and an Immelman turn. I imagine these are all simple aerobatics to Bill and other highly experienced stunt pilots, but they were absolutely superb entertainment for me. Wow! Wow! Wow! Wow!

Some days, life serves you ice cream! Once you’ve had a ride in a Pitts aerobatic bipe, there’s little in life to complain about. Thanks Bill!