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Gone Swimmin’

Sunday, August 9th, 2009

keep the mud warm WilmaThe location is a very unusual sandy beach on the Dalmation coast. Most of the coast is craggy rocks with sharp rocky bottoms that require thick sole swim shoes. Not here. This beach is sandy, and the bottom too. It’s located on a very wide shallow lagoon just west of the tiny town of Nin, Croatia, about 15 kilometers north of Zadar. The beach is on a peninsula facing toward the mainland. The mountains are part of the Velebit range. The azure water is absolutely delightful. Most days bring very clear skies, or very few clouds, and very low humidity. Perfect swimming.

Some people like the nearby mud, which is thought to have medicinal value. Keep that mud warm Wilma. After ObamaCare passes, this may be the best medical care one can get.